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We love to chat with great designers. We ask them about their careers, present challenges and their vision into the future of our profesiĆ³n.
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Tomomi Sasaki and Dave Hora

Research Skills Framework Creators

What makes a researcher a good researcher? What does a career in Design Research look like and how can we structure career development inside and outside organisations? What does the work of doing research actually entails? These are some of the questions Dave Hora had been working on for a long time when he partnered […]

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Marion Renoux

Fundadora de Fierce and Charming. Former Studio Manager y Head of Design Operations en Amazon

Tell us a little bit about your background I am an operation and program management leader and a coach. In my tenure, I worked in a variety of business areas: market research, web build, social media management, operation and analysis, and service design. From London to Seattle WA, to, now, Barcelona. Specifically, at Amazon I […]

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Saskia Liebenberg

Design Operations Program Manager at Anaplan, previous Research Manager at Deliveroo

As the conversation about Scaling Design, Design Ops, Design Systems and Research Ops gets more and more sophisticated in Spain, we can see a clear trend in adopting models, roles and frameworks that help companies scale. And although these conversations are interesting, there is nothing more exciting than hearing the tales of the people who […]

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